Hey y’all ! Its been a minute hasn’t it !? I have been so busy it is INSANE!! Especially with Work x2, Holidays, Family, and oldest daughters basketball! Not to mention school holiday programs ETC! And my Identical Twin sister will be having my niece any day now !
Anyways onto the good stuff ! I stepped down from quite a few of my Ct’s ! But there was a select few who kept me and are working with me … AWESOME! I know right !? So you will still see some ct and tutorials from me just not as much as I usually do ! Also will post any tags, timelines, wallpapers etc I make just for fun and link to products ! Also will be sharing some other things with you! I have a lot to get done and added into my website- templates, word art, masks etc! NOW TO THE NEWS !!! Most know but I haven’t posted it here yet ! On November 15th I was blessed and honored to become a SCRAP DESIGNER for CDO (Creative Design Outlet) !! I am “Karmalized Scraps” ! I will also have a section where I can post all my new Scrap Kits that come out along with the ones already released ! Also will have a CT hopefully by tomorrow , and I will have a section for all of their CT Work to show off and link back to their blogs ! Exciting right !?
Also I really have to give a HUGE GIGANTIC SHOUT OUT to my bestie Fi! Without her this website wouldn’t be where it is ! She has literally helped me and built my site for me! Not only that but I have learned so much from her tutorials and just chit chatting with her in general ! You can check out her awesome site here
You can check out my Scrapkits here

So be on the lookout for about the next week for all the new things added in here !


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